21 setembro 2006
Ainda as ondas
Uma achega do Sirichai sobre a questão das ondas gravitacionais.

The current gravitational wave detectors are all ground-based (suffers from terrestrial noise), with low sensitivities, and at low frequencies (where there is a lot of noise from unresolved astrophysical sources.) So far, there has been no confirmed detection from these detectors. Even if there is, one cannot absolutely say that the signal is *primordial*, since there is so many sources of contaminations and confusion.If we want to detect primordial gravitational waves, then the cleanest frequencies to do this is at about 0.1-1 Hz, where contamination is minimum. Noises must be minimal, and the sensitivity must be very high. The only way to do this is in space. Within the next decade, there would probably be a gravitational wave detector in orbit.
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